MRCP UK stands for Membership of Royal College of Physicians. And it can be achieved in different Specialties of Medicine and Surgery. MRCP is for Internal Medicine. Following are important Points for MRCP procedure and requirements.
1. Any Medical Graduate, who has passed 12 months after graduation, Can apply for MRCP UK. That is basic requirement for MRCP UK.
2. MRCP UK comprises of 3 Parts, Part 1 & 2 is written examination and Part 3 is OSEC.
3. MRCP UK conducted in UK and many countries as overseas centers.
4. First of all you need to make an online account on and need to upload your attested degree as scanned one and also your basic information.
5. You will be issued a RCP code which is considered as Reference for further any correspondence with RCP UK.
6. Part 1 examination is conducted thrice per year. It is Choose of best type examination. Examination is done in January, May & September every year.
7. We can apply for Part 1 around 3 months before examination. Yearly Schedule is given on webpage in advance.
8. Fee for part one is 594 £.
9. Part 1 has two papers and each paper contains 100 MCQS and 3 hours duration. Both papers are on same day with gap of 2 hours between two papers.
10. Result is usually announced after 4 weeks time and you receive result in your account.
11. Once you pass Part 1 then you can go for either Part 2 written examination or Part 3 OSEC exam.
12. Part 2 is also written examination, choose the best type MCQS. It is also single day examination.
13. Part 2 also comprises of two papers each of 100 MCQs.
14. Fee for part two is also same as of part 1. Remember if you are appearing in UK then fee is £ 419.
15. Part 3 which is also known as Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills PACES is basically Oral based clinical skills assessment examination.
16. This is also conducted in UK and many other countries of world as Overseas Centers.
17. It is considered as difficult part of MRCP UK. And mostly doctors are retained in this examination and need to appear again and again till they pass examination.
18. Many preparatory courses are conducted by different physicians and it helps to get familiar with oral examination requirement.
19. Fee for PACES is inside UK is £ 657 and overseas centers is £1202.
20. There is no particular requirement of training certificate to complete MRCP UK. But it is not easy to pass PACES without good clinical skills and knowledge. PACES is organized in such a way that you are tested in nearly all important clinical skills and knowledge.
21. PACES comprises of five Clinical Skills stations

  1. Each candidate encounters 8 patients or surrogates.
    2. Each candidate is assessed independently by 10 examiners.
    3. It’s a half day examination in total.
    4. Exam is conducted in hospital settings.
    5. There are particular course outline and books available for PACES preparation.
    22. Degree can be attested either from your college Dean, or any MRCP Physician who hold GMC registration or from British Consulate.
    23. Study material for Part 1, usually recommendations are online subscription of Passmedicine MRCP1 & either onexamination or Pastest MRCP1 subcription. Books advised are Philips Kalra, Oxford Handbook of clinical medicine and there some notes written by some doctors which are mostly available in pdf files on internet.
    24. For Part 2 also same study material is advised.

All the best to all medical graduates who are planning for MRCP UK.