PLAB-2 is an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE). This exam is only conducted in Manchester, United Kingdom.

1 – What are the requirements?

You should have passed PLAB-1 exam within the last 2 years.

2 – What is the structure of the exam?

As PLAB-2 is a clinical exam, it consists of 20 stations. 18 stations are practical and there are two resting stations.

3 – What is the time duration of PLAB -2 Exam?

PLAB-2 exam is of 3 hours & 15 minutes.

4- What type of stations are included in PLAB -2 Examination?

PLAB-2 Stations are of following types,

1 – Medicine History based

2 – Medicine counseling based

3- Surgery History & Counseling based

4- Pediatric history & Counseling based

5 – Obs/Gynae History & Counseling based

6 – Ethics

7 – Combined History & Examination

8 – Psychiatry

9 – Simman (talking Manniken)

10 – Teaching Stations.

11- Clinical Examination based

5- How each station is assessed?

Each station is assessed in following domain. Each domain is of 4 marks and total marks for each station is 12.

6- what is the criteria to pass PLAB-2 exam?

You need to pass 11 stations out of 18 stations and also have to attain a certain score, this score is different for each PLAB-2 Exam.

7- Is it so that this PLAB -2 exam only assess one’s interpersonal skills?

This is a very wrong concept that PLAB -2 exam is only the test of one’s interpersonal skills. As it has been mentioned earlier, PLAB -2 exam is based on three areas i.e. Data Gathering, Management & Interpersonal Skills. Each domain carries equal marks. So you need to be competent in each domain.

8 – Do I need to attend an academy for PLAB -2 Exam preparation?

It is a very difficult question as it varies from person to person and it depends on how much you are familiar with UK NHS medical practice system.

Nearly all academies give orientation about UK – NHS health system and their protocols. They discuss cases which have been part of PLAB -2 Exam previously.

Academies provide teaching materials for different topics and sometimes the scripts of previous PLAB -2 exam stations. These scripts have format of questions & answers between doctor and patient or one of the patient’s relative.

Academies often offer mocks which are the practice tests for PLAB -2 exam. There will be 18 stations to assess your progress at the end of the course or you can take these mocks near your exam date

. You will be given feedback for your weakness and give also guidance how to overcome those deficiencies.

9 – Can I pass PLAB -2 exam without attending any academy?

Yes, it is possible to pass PLAB -2 exam without attending any academy. But you need someone to guide you and practice with you PLAB -2 stations. If you have any dedicated friend who has passed exam and available for you sincerely then definitely you can pass exam without attending any academy. But it is advisable to attend these courses to be familiar with the exam format and to nail this exam in first attempt.

10 – Do academy expert practice with each candidate PLAB -2 stations?

Usually they don’t practice stations with each candidate. Most academies just discuss stations collectively but don’t practice.

11 -What should I expect from Academy if they don’t practice stations with each candidate?

They just give you orientation for PLAB 2 exam. They teach you history taking skills & collectively discuss PLAB -2 stations.

12 – How can I practice PLAB – 2 stations?

You need to find out group of people who are appearing for exam. It’s good to practice with different people in order to be good to catch different accents and thoughts.

13 – How much time I should take to prepare PLAB -2 Exam?

If you are going to attend an academy then it’s better to have exam after a month time from course. A minimum of one month duration is needed to practice stations before going to appear for exam. Some doctors book their exam just after 2 weeks but it is very difficult to get familiar to a totally different system in such a short time. We recommend to have at least  4 weeks to practice stations.

14 – What should I study for PLAB -2 Exam?

Each academy provides a lot of study material for PLAB -2 exam. This material includes theory & Station scripts. Usually the material is more than enough to prepare exam.

But important is not to memorize scripts, just grasp the idea and try to practice in your natural style, as you are talking to a real patient in your day to day routine. You should not give an artificial crammed impression to the examiner. Nearly all academies insist to memorize these scripts. There are nearly 400 stations for PLAB -2. And no one can memorize this huge stuff. And even if someone memorize it then during exam if you forget a single sentence then you will be lost. So you should read these scripts well and get idea that how will you handle each station in exam.

15 – Do I need to act in Exam?

This is another point which is insisted in academies. But we recommend that you don’t need to act there. Just work as you do in your routine practice.

16 – What is Interpersonal Skills?

Usually it is said that Sympathy & Empathy is interpersonal skills. But it is not true. Interpersonal skills include your communication skills, Sympathy, empathy, body language & emotional expression and your reaction to patient complains (verbal & Non – verbal).

17 – When PLAB -2 result will be announced?

PLAB -2 result will be announced on 4th Wednesday after your Exam.

18 – What I should do between my PLAB -1 and PLAB – 2 Exam?

Apply for EPIC verification.
If planning to attend academy then book your academy.
Book your PLAB – 2 exam with gap of month between your academy course.
Read Study material if academy provides you before course or you can get it from online source.
Practice for clinical examination with your colleagues or friends, as some clinical examinations are part of PLAB -2. We are listing clinical examination need to be prepared for PLAB -2 exam.
There are some clinical procedures which are usually asked in PLAB 2 exam. We are also listing those clinical procedures.